Dentists at Smiles of Spokane help you prevent problems before they occur

At Smiles of Spokane, we believe that the best dental problems are the ones that never occur in the first place.

That’s why Dr. Todd Rogers and his attentive staff always do their best to detect and prevent problems before they occur. For those problems that have already begun to affect your dental health, early detection and treatment are key before the problem gets any worse.

We provide a full range of preventive dentistry services to keep your family’s teeth healthy and bright for as long as humanly possible.

Detect Problems Early with Thorough Examinations

We use the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technology that let us know of tooth problems before they happen or as they are occurring. We will then provide you with a full cleaning, along with a customized dental health plan that will restore your oral health or otherwise keep it in tip-top shape.

Feel Your Newly Cleaned and Polished Teeth

Daily life can leave your teeth covered in tartar and plaque. A full teeth cleaning and polish can leave your mouth feeling cleaner and your teeth sparkling.

Keep Your Gums Healthy with Periodontal Therapy

Without healthy gums, your teeth don’t stand a chance. Bacteria can invade your gums, cause an infection and threaten the teeth you eat, speak and smile with. Perio-therapy keeps periodontal or gum disease from wreaking havoc, allowing you to hold onto your natural teeth.

Call to Schedule Appointments for Your Entire Family

We have spots open for your youngest children, teens and even the matriarchs and patriarchs of the family. Preventive dentistry will ensure that everyone’s teeth, mouth and gums remain healthy – and that’s something to smile about.

Call Smiles of Spokane at (509) 838-4165 and see what a difference a great dentist can make in your family’s life.