Snoring Relief Using Custom Sleep Guard

Snoring Relief Using Custom Sleep Guard

Snoring ReliefSnoring and Sleep Apnea are NOT the Same Condition

Sleep apnea involves complete airway blockage for periods of ten seconds or longer repeatedly during your sleep session. Sleep apnea increases a person’s risk for stroke, heart attack, daytime fatigue, irritability and other health concerns. Sleep apnea should be diagnosed by your physician or local sleep lab.

Snoring is simply the sound that occurs when the soft tissues in the mouth and throat vibrate as a person breathes. Snoring compared to sleep apnea is not dangerous.

CPAP appliance is traditionally used as a standard treatment for sleep apnea. However, many patients do not respond to CPAP because of poor fit, claustrophobia or just discomfort. For patients that experience this, a sleep guard might be recommended. Dr. Rogers can create a custom sleep guard to hold your lower jaw slightly forward, which prevents the tissue from blocking air flow. Complete the form below or call to schedule a consult with Dr. Rogers, to see if this might be a non-invasive solution for your snoring concerns.

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