5 Ways to Make Your Smile Sparkle

5 Ways to Make Your Smile Sparkle

Whiter Smile SpokaneWe all want a whiter, brighter smile. Over time, staining from foods and coffee can make the teeth appear darker. This can tend to make you appear even older than your years. Fortunately, there are many ways to achieve a beautiful, white smile. From eating crunchy fruits and veggies to selecting certain shades of lipstick, here’s what Dr. Todd Rogers recommends to make your smile sparkle!

1. Focus on Flossing

Even the best toothbrushes and mouthwash can’t reach every crevice between your teeth, proper flossing is a sure way to prevent bacteria and plaque buildup in your mouth that, if uncontrolled, make it easier for foods, drinks and tobacco to accumulate and stain your teeth.

2. Boost Your Calcium and Vitamin C Intake

Eating a balanced diet filled with certain teeth-fortifying nutrients will help fend off oral health problems that can detract from a pretty smile, such as tooth decay, erosion, and periodontal disease. Calcium is needed to grow and develop both baby and adult teeth and even strengthens your jawbone.

Some of the best foods to maintain a strong, healthy bite:

  • Calcium-rich low-fat and fat-free milk
  • Cheeses
  • Cruciferous vegetables (green leafy vegetables like cabbage, bok choy, broccoli, and cauliflower)
  • Calcium-fortified juices
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Breads
  • Soy products.

Vitamin C is another nutrient that helps maintain strong teeth by working as an antioxidant to repair tissue and prevent disease-causing bacteria from penetrating the gums. Veggies  like broccoli will do double duty, since they’re rich in both calcium and vitamin C.

3. Forget Food and Drink Foes

Avoid sodas, sugary foods, and acidic foods, like citrus. They can weaken tooth enamel and create an environment for cavity-causing bacteria to thrive. This can ultimately cause tooth decay and discoloration that appears as bright white spots on the teeth. Red wine, coffee, and tea tend to cause the most staining, so try sipping though a straw if possible.

4. Try Whitening at Home

Home whitening is a popular approach today. We take an impression of your teeth and make a custom-fitted tray, which you fill with a whitening gel and wear up to two hours. When done under the supervision of your dentist, at-home whitening is very effective for some. After all, being able to whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home is the perfect solution.

This whitening treatment can take just days to complete, with the results gradually changing over that time. Some patients may need up to 2 weeks so ensure that, if you are whitening your smile for an event or occasion, you give yourself enough time should you need it. Each and every patient is different and Dr. Rogers can assess your suitability and advise if this option may be right for you.

5. Makeup

If you’re looking for an even faster solution, try a new makeup routine to get a whiter smile on the go. Try wearing shades of lipstick that have a blue undertone, as well as makeup, such as bronzer, to darken the skin tone so there is a greater contrast to the teeth.

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